Polaris Abu Dhabi Desert Tour

Polaris Abu Dhabi Desert Tour – Polaris 4×4 Dune Buggy Drive Abu Dhabi – UTV Buggy Drive

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Polaris Abu Dhabi Desert Tour Package

Looking for an outdoor adventure for everyone?

Now anyone can experience the thrill of riding through the dessert on our guided off road Polaris Buggy tours. With automatic gearboxes and 4 wheel drive, riding in the dunes could not get any easier. Our tours are meant to keep you safe and controlled, and thus we only offer guided tours, don’t worry there will still be plenty of thrill, speed and excitement.

If you want to be outdoors and having a good time come and visit the tour experts who the have best knowledge. Experience a stress-free day in the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi. They will put together your needs and requirements. The buggies are equipped with automatic gearboxes and 4wd, so riding the dunes could not be easier. The guided dune tours are safe and controlled.

Includes Rider Kit, Dune Buggy and Tour Guide

Minimum 1 rider for booking

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